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Spaciousness is a project concerning the issue of data ownership viewed as a problem with addressing. Consider that where the data is is what determines who can do what with it. Addressing schemes define how we look for data. The Spaciousness Project investigates Content Addressing as an alternative which allows physical location of data not to be specified. By communicating content addresses instead of content, and structure composed of content addresses, a user is given the power to engage with remote agents in the abstract. The user may make the choice to share the full content on repositories open only to entities of known trustworthiness while sharing the structure of the content more broadly for visibility.

To participate in the discussion please join the mailing list. You can also connect on xmpp (travis [at] and Spaciousness has a Google+ page.

Spaciousness is also about HCI, with the goal to turn daily computer usage into high level programming. There's a lot to say about that. Feel free to get in touch with me (Travis Wellman) if you'd like to talk about it.

There are two prongs of the Spaciousnes Project. BaseParadigm (alpha quality at the time of this writing, 2012-10) is a Java library illustrating content addressable data management. The Spaciousness Shell will be a graphical interface for browsing, authoring, and searching BaseParadigm graph data.